The Vincennes Sun-Commercial from Vincennes, Indiana (2024)

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The Vincennes Sun-Commerciali

Vincennes, Indiana

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5'1 Lr" VztibNESDAY September 2 192a 4 MONROE EITY JU I The Knox County (Presbyterian 0 If Lawn Mr and St t1 Mr and Mrs Dill who i Saturday night to Mark Harris of Rev and Mrs Corydon returned home on Mon Royal Lovers MENUS i acquaint New Coat Mrs ranke Louise family and Mis? cago at nd Mrs Leo Swet Eleventh I 'I Quinn re in the Italian army whose ijcye jment was announced 'at stay Miss: Traut ng intimate ac Ti I I I i James Lincoln dangerously ill Mitchell Helen Alice and Leia 1 I ft John Harmony park by an ftuto trip Steimel Albert Halter Richard True Blue to Entertain on day after a vac: in visiting mem met congregatio Mrs and You risi bo' BY ERNEST BELCHER Nnted Ballet Master Sr There throwing tourn unce in YE UNERAL ROM THE GARDNER CHAPEL Presbytery who Brotherhoods on which is the time organization of good fellowship I Therefore We Grow I I Mr apd of 3 ing Workers I on Thursday PAINSTAKING care in hand ling our wants has xnade us ifthe largest Banking House inllthe Wabash Valley staunch friends and Vincennes guests of Vincennes ances sermon at the church Miss Olive physical cultun Kocker Louis Stockley Harold each Rotary minutes being Tenn came on I A Service Thht Pleases So Many Must Have Merit willil sneak riday evening set aside for that ide influnece for LUTHEHMTO 1 OPEN SCHOOL ONtmRDAY New Prohibition Officers the afternoon the kiddies 1 1 rl and nau a ster for the occa i red Eving nf iis also post master ty to the visitors will i Napier Dyer of Washington will SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC PHO'IES A Bill SUCCESS in the everting continue until 1 1 Original Indianian The VINCENNES Mr and Mrs Arnold Bratton of 1409 Vigo street announce the ad vent of a baby girl born Tuesday evening at 8 30f The lit tie miss has been named Patsy Joe Ann I 7 Mrs rank Curtis Jhrerbecks Are Back churenes ivev dVel'left imiany in ilKnox county They were also I Holcomb of other Gnnritv 4 Union meeting with Dr Mil ler as president willl ihold jits an nual session in the Presbyterian church of Monroe City i the even ings 'of September 14 to 20th in clusive Among the speakers of note will be Dr Martin 'of the board of moral welfare ofiithe Presby terian church who will give an ad dress on Sunda lafternoon of the conference: Dr John Welsh of Ationf period spenll eir tor? Indiana There is a movement to maka the South Side Presbyterian church and its premises one of the beauty spots of Vincennes Work has started on the grounds and the interior and exterior will each' be given attention in turn as funds are secured Shrubbery will be placed on the lawn according to plans Ne tile for drainage is now being laid Rev Willis Booth pastor of the church is a young man of energy and fine spirit with special quali ties for the splendid leadership which he 'is giving to the congre gation and the neighborhood of the South Sidle chtfrch lldlltl I Butler Davis Bass Hershcl But ler Kail Small iMisses Rose Kath erjne and Ceil Steimel Edna Stock ley Velma Butler Thelma Devers Henrietta McCormick Corine IHttl ian Ll 1 1 McCormick Katheyine McCormick The new prohibition director for Washingtofi Oregon and7 Alaska 4s Ray'C Lyle With headquarters at naturally would expect a enerqtionto get out or PERSONALS Mr and MrS Charles Griffith motored to Evansville where they went on Tuesday and spent the dayl Amerine left Tuesday on a business trip to Philadelphia JfC Mrs Dunlavey of Hen ryville Ind is a house guest of Rev and Mrs Willis Booth of the South Side Presbyter ion church Mrs Booth is the daughter of Mrs Dunlavey Mrs em Hewitt returned on Tuesday from ja visit in Louis ville Ky where she motored with her brother in law and sister Mi and Mrs Brodt Who had one week in Vincennes During her stay Mrs Hewitt visit ed Mammoth and Wyandotte cloves and enroute home stopped over in West Baden and rench Lick Springs Betty Burris who has been vis iting her grandmother Mrs Mar tha Bruner in lora Ill for the past week accompanied her moth er Mrs ''Ralph Burris home on Monday Mr and Mrs Louis Schnuck who went to St Iouis two week1? ago where Mr Schnuck is employ LUMAN UNERAL IS A I 7 HELD ON WEDNESpAY'' I uneral services for the late William Luman were held Wednes day morning at teip old ock from Qardner chapel and burial! wa made in airvjew cemetery 1 The pall bearerwere Alvey Modglin Thomas Allen Thomas Robinson Patrick McQuade William Miley and Cecile Hebert 7 'S EHiUTillOIJBL KMHPBII1E5 SHCGgOLOI Tnd Sent 2 The results of the chautauqua have 1' been very satisfactory Good crowds havej been in attendance throughout and the vVeather has been ideal I The programs were highly appreciated and could not hrjvni been better The children ave greatly1 the free ooming programs which were es I dally for thdm 1 Mabe Sei lie 1 will leave Momlay where lie will attend sc 1 the coming jiar a sh Todd is vi iting triemls in Tinccnnes Jh Ti bne Blanford of Evansville visited her parents Mr andMrs John Blanford Sunday Ilnb t' Butler was a Decker visitor Munlcy uorlnnl Sr and Miss Susan Jordan of Vincennes' were callers in Decker Peturday Mrs Chas Williams mpt ored vim nnes Saturday evening Hubert J'augliertyvisited In Dicker Saturda ed with a firm contractors will motor to Vincemes antjl spend the week end and be present on Sun day morning when the Bev John Overbeck preaches his farewell I Breakfast Stewed prunes cereal thin cream crisp whole wheat tflpst milk coffee I Luncheon Ham toast lettuce salad graham bread oatmeal drop iookics apple sauce milk tea i Dinner Broiled lamb chops steamed and "buttered rice cieam id carrots endive salad cai'amel 1 ice cream spong cake milk coffee vhole wheat bread The ham toast is a made witl remnants of bakerf'ham Children under six' years of age khould be served plain stewed to matoes on toast with a poached bgg topping the1 whole if there are juniors in your family use enough tomatoes to serve them be fore adding the ham Ham Toast Three tomatoes 4 eggs 2 table spoons butter! 1 2 cup chopped ham 1 tablespoon minced onions '1 4 teaspoon pepper 1 4 teaspoonsalt 3 triangles buttered toast Piel tomatoes and chop Melt butter add onion and tomatoes and Isimmer 15 minutes Add ham and icd'ok untirthe ham is thoroughly heated Reihove from thefire au 1 eggs' slightly beaten and return to la low fire Cook stirring con stantly until mixture tlukes Rea son with salt and pepper and pour over toast and Upper Indiana cWches Rev TT 11 UrUrrt 1 A imifl Y1 and Mrs nann 4 Hoivard Downen will entertain the Will Suhday school class Evening in their home Mrs Bj Cantwell is teacher of the class i Mr and Mrs John iBaker and family and Mis Louise ranke have retuimed from in Chl' Members of Group Seven Will Gather Here as Guests of the Vincennes Club for Annual Sum mer Outdoor Meeting I IRST ON PROGRAM IS A GOI1 TOURNEY b' I Ladies Wil Uay Bridge During the Afternoon ish ry Is to Be Servedat Three red 7 Ewing to' Be Toastmas ter 44 I Conspicuous i among social hap periigs will be the annual summer' outdoor meeting and golf tourna ment of the Rotary clubs of group se4en' composed of the I clubs of Mitchell Sullivan Evansville Bedford 'Washington Princeton and Vincennesl for which Vincen nes Rotary club will be host on riday September 4 at Harmony park to all members (and their wives or a lady friend as the case may be i i At 10' there will be a golf tournament at th Country club adjoining Harmony park Registration at iw followed over the ortnightly club trail co see the places of historic inteiest Then there will be a buffet luncn at the park ja In the afternoon there will be tables arranged at 1 for cards for the ladies At 3 a fish (fry will be served byi mombers of the Vincennes ortnightly club who belong to Mrs Edward section will also be a horsesnoe ament at 1 oclock Wirmers jrney will compete golf cham Arheridah National Bank A SAE BANK At 'the schoolj board meeting of the St Lutheran church on Tuesday evening it was decided that bn Monday Sept 7 ffie pupilk will gather in the parochial s'chodl building when enrollment will be made and assignment qf lesions will be given Principal Walter Schm'idt will have charge as usual of the fourth fifth sixth seventh and eighth grades and Mis Esther Manteufel will teach the first second and third grades The bolrnd is composed of Rev Goetz Walter Schmidt Will Bubdnzcr Chrrles Horner Vai Kirsch and Miss Esther Manteufel This: new co at for early jiall shown by Styles Service Syndicate looks as though 'it ought to be come very popular with young wo men It is of' extremely trimmed with beaver1 the straigh simplicity of its Jines being em pharsized by the' buttons at the side 1YOH AJaiivi iuhulv In our last lesson we take up Echappe Sur le Point or opening tot second position on toes Starting in fifth position right foot in front make small Plie counting with right arm lowered gracefully in front Spring lightly to second position on points counting 2 (igure 1) Spring back to fifth position vihicBi4Na8UN ViNcatMaa ind 7 ROTfiRIRNS TO HIWEBIGW tho tables were cleared was a stands sold In time generally In the evening the band led by Jo Wilt Shoe maker furnished an interesting program of music 6HE ATTEMTIDIf TH THE GROUNDS SO SIDE CHURCH On riday nigljit the iTrue Blue Sunday school class of the Sou tn Side Presbyteriab church will en tertain on the lawn adjoining the manse 609s South ifteenth street An orchestra will furnish music Ruth Mr and Airs John Catt 'Mrs Nettie Merpering Mr and Mrs Lawrence pfoff and son Lw rence Mr and Mrs Will McCor mick and daughter Norma Mr and Mrs Thomas Butler and chil dren IceT Lucile and Nellie Marie of Monroe City Mr and Mrs John ISteimel and sons Lawrence Donald and Joseph Joe Cardinal Simonl Thomas Curil Thomas Eugene Mouzin rancis Thomas Martini McCormick Leo PIIESBYTERIhL UNION MEETING evening at 7 :30 the Reel avenue i thdrel will be a nrogram with a following under the Madge McKee On Thursday in Christian church snecial missionar hniir auspices of Miss division I I LUTHERANS TO HOLD i CONGREGATIONAL MEETING I There will be congregational meeting of the' St John's Lutheran church congregation on Sunday morning following services I i i VINCENNES PRESBYTERY TO MEET AT BICKNELL Vincennes i re in Bicknell on th tember 21 at irst Presbyterii The annual picnic of the irst Christian chtfrch and Sunday school Ws held Tuesday afternoon and evening at Harmony park A large number of friends partici In every way the picnic proved a happy succets I I 1 I I' 1 ft i XllTIPIV 1 Js UL A sbyteryiwnLmect beinff dis evpnpgof 1 selof Th0 cp Kos donated for 50 clock in the 1 A sion were sold 0V1t before chuich A ninnrnd There on the ice cream and ere cold arinKs wlig nf A welcqme be respond District Governor Sh'erxood of Bedford will givei brjef address and TO Haley of Bicknell' will' give a talk ollowing the dinner there will be a baseball game between two picked Rotary I teams At there will be stunts by rep Yesfcntatives from 1 4 nr fl 'f assigned for every program num ber or thcr dancing which will nnV 1 11P an prehestra with a finct reputa tion for pleasing with their vai ious programs of dance music in cluding tall kinds of jazz will fur nish the program The annual ojjting for the past two years has been at West Bad en I I Officers of the Vincennes Rotary club are: John Watters president John Bierhaus vice president Raymond Rielag secretaiy General committee members are: William I Duesterberg Otto anti Ct (TO lack Dinner committee: Julius Hack amV rank Himler Entertainment coimmiuee iuai idn Gould Lawrence Eschbach and Sam Gelb Vincennes Hat Shop Little Shop Around the 3rd Phone 707 fe It was announced Wednesdaj that funeral services for the lateMiss Emma yffe whose death occurred Monday at Dade City la will Tie held riday afternoon at 2:30 from Gardner chapel and that burial will be made in airview cemetery The body is expected to reach here Thurs day 1 Phone 2205 a big dinner was served 'The ta ble was adorned with a big birth day cake Righty three candles were placed upon it There were twenty five other cakes The day was spent at dancing and in social conversation Late in' the evening ice cream was serv ed tqthe following: Mr and Mrs Marlin Catt Mr and Mrs William McCormick Mr and Mrs Charles Steimel and grand sons Louis and Willie Mrs Lizzie Sajnpson of Washington Mrs Maggie Stoke ley Mr and Mrs Robert Butler Richard Stockley Berrie McCor mick Mrs Henrietta Thomas' Ne braska Mr andj Mrs rank Mc Cormick and children Harriet Hu bert Dorothy ajd Lula of Illinois Mr and Mrs JoAn Thomas and children MaryCatherine John Paul Anna and Pauline of Wheat land Mr' and'Mrs Ralph Smith and children Anna and Johnny of Nebraska Mr and Mrs George McCormick and children Paul Clarence Loney and catnenne Mr and Mrs Jacob McCormick and son Clarence of Nebraska Mr and Mrs Allen Catt Mr and Mrs red Steimel and children Paul Melvin Clarence and Thelma Mr and Mrs Giiy Groomer and daughter Maxine Mr and Mrs Clytus Butler and sons Eugene and Morris Mr and Mrs Wallace Theriac ami children Louise Mil dred Bud Leon and Marguerite Mr and Mrs Charles Theriac and children John Maurice Elma 'f Mrs Robert Mulligan has fat her house guests a party of friendscomfosed of Miss Bertha Leinei Mrs A Dodson Mr and' Mrs John Thomas William and TheL ma Thomas and Mr and Mrs A 8s a tuVin mntnrpd frOlT) their home in Cleveland Ola McCormick Tlfwc Alnvomlpr was formerly Miss Lotta Thomas who has a wide cir Left pan Kirchoff 1 Lv ftll Vizi rl a 1 1 ctVt cie oi menus witv fed to renew old friendships I r'Motor to Edwardsport to Attend Meeting Gray Jordan Paul and Jesse 'Cosier Bert Strode and the Misses lAnna Watier Helen McGary Zoe vMcCord Ruth Robinson and Ma ttel Jordan motored to Edwards poirt qn Monday and attended theafternoon and evening sessions of lithe Baptist Young Union rally in connection with £he annual meeting of the Baptist association it which is in session in Edwardsport 'over Tuesday and Wednesday inthe Baptist church Si Supper was served cafeteria 'fityle in the Edwardsporf school tbuilding Representatives fromthe of WashingtonBicknell Edwardsport SCreek Mariah Creek i 'Creek Sandborn and Viniennes churches were in attendance! The Nearly part of the program of Mon evening included one number yfrom some representative of theunions represented I Mr and Mrs turned on Tuesday evening from a two vacation motor trip and visit with relatives lin Lake View and Lima I Miss Ida Hooyerjiofi iBicknell is a house guest of MrJ adjMrs Hoover while attending the Knoxcounty institute (which is in ses sion this week Miss Hoover is a sister of Mr Hoover Miss Dorothy Trautvetter of Til who guests of and $Mrsj Charles Judaii of 'Burnet Heights' rerned to her home on Wednesday morn ing 'During her stay Miss Traut yeter was the he not guest of sev eral dinners among mtimatc ac quaintances i I 1 Mr and Mrs (Jlharle'sl Judah and son Charles apdMis DorothyTrautvettob of Peoria fill 'motor ed to Evansville onTuesday and A C' Townsend has been named regional prohibition director I for Minnesota North Dakota and west lern Wisconsin with headquarters St PauL I Ballet Dancing Lesson No 6 H' I IB New Method Removes i Wrinkles in 15 Minutcp vrritnble wondor worker for wrin Ikh1 and flabby faces is a simpb 'h ii ml ns iij plication made by mixiiu ikonfnl of powdered tarkroot with i 2 spoonful of lemon mice only 'does it nniekly smooth out the vun Ikies and age before ones iipon the weakened and relaxedIviug tissues over the face with the fink and in less than lift if u1 the mirror shows that a velous transformation as ta Ke pl iwhen the substance is waslyd orc 'a verage face actually looks ten or hf than those ohtalnab1efron three sagimr and lie t1owtere(i tarkroot frorp and Mrs II Overbcck inda daughters Lucile and Vif yinia returned from a motor trip ind vacation period spent in Ohio apd New York Enroute they vjs lied in Cincinnati with Mrs Over sister Mrs William Meslow and Mr Meslow and two sons and Mrs II Hackman mother of Mrs Overbeck At Dunkirk YiRev Mr Overbeck gave two lectures before the young people of New York who are attending training school there Stops were mde at Niagara alls and other points of interest rAt Dayton where Rev Mr Overbeck preached seventeert years ago a surprise reception was given him in one of the homes of his former parishioners and they were extended a larger number of invitdtion than they could ac cept ft JXnnouncement has been made that Robert Bonnell formerly "bf Vincennes has become associat ed with the Industrial Savings Trust and Industrial Loan com pajiy of Saint Louis Mr Bonnell was reared in Vin cennes during the early years of his wife and is the son of Mrs onrrr' Ronnell who resides in California and recently visited i Miss Eleanor Beach in Vincennes Mr address is given at 7114 Chestnut street St Louis Mrs George Baxter 1 to Entertain Circle 4 The Young Missionary jcircle of the irst Chiistian church will be entertained in the home of Mrs George Parker 1103Hickman street On Thursday eve ning Mrs Leta Miller will be the leader The assistant hostesses for the social hour are: Miss Merle Kyger Miss Julia Barekman and Mrs Della Crews 4 See Our Display of Children Hats ft You Buy Elsewhere We have thern from $250 to $500 in alLthe new A Cfcojors rand materials Pretty felts just thing for school for rt Dorothy Clarl SwettcnamJ and Adolph Zinkeleri whp underwent tonsileebtomy on Tuesday morning arc recovering ir the home of IV i and Mrs Leo Swettenam i 1 Mrs Albert Zinkdler of Terre iTnnto and son (Adolph are house guests of Mr ai tenam of 1219 jstrcct schools of Vincennes who was in charge of swimihinglj and athletics at the camp at (Bedford as located in the home ifofj Mrs Bundy on Burnet Heights for the winter i Harry Lincoln of Chattanooga Tenn came on Saturday night to be at the bedside df his father I I i nvn wnojiis cuiiNutivu i NOTE: When properly executed we now have both legs perfectly straight with both heels visible from the frofit The arm may be Carried to position 3 or 4 if pre ferred teacher of the city Martin Catt ObservesHi 83rd Birthday of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr andMrs Catt of 631 SouthTenth street on August 30 to cel Mr eighty third I'i birthday anniversary All took bwith Ahem well filled baskets and Melvin Shearer of Kansas City is a house guest of Mr and Mrsl Marion Could of Burnet Lane Mrs Shearer isj a dis tinguished musician plays the organ in one of the i leading churches of Kansas City! Mrs Harry SimpstAi arid daugh ters Miss Mary Elizabeth and Margaret Adelia have returned home after two visit at Hot Springs Ark in the home of Dr and Mrs' King and' Df McDonald i I Mr McDonald is Mrs Simp father He is 91 years xild MRS GLEN ROUGHAN UNDERGOES OPERATION After a consultation from Mayo Brothers at Rochester Minn Mr? Gleen Roughan 'underwent a surgi cal! operation at St hos ine opeia Wab peiiviuivu sori She withstood the operation i WHII rtl VUlUlMfft here and is doing nicely NEW DAUGHTER AT THE BRATTON J4OME Jonesboro Ind bn Monday and pital at that plae The opera Dr Hurley Drake iof armers tioh was performed by Dr Mas burg moderator of tjbei Vincennes sor She withstood the opferatidp Presbytery'' who willil speak on wen according to reports received Mr and Mrs Perry Dill of Oakland City mptoredlto Vincen nes on Sunday to see 'Jams Lin coln ar) uncle of Mr? Dill who critically ill I Prinvess IIeana 16of Rumania and4 the' Duke' 26" a major i rftn ZViVYI 1 Rome marriage license ottif Speth Vincennes 5 farm er son of Pete Speth Vin cenries 5' farmer and Thelma Dc Long 'Vincennes 18 cigar daughter of A ceased: A with touching floor keeping knees open counting 3 Spring up t'o fifth position on points left neel being visible behind the front riht leg counting 4 (igure 2) Prizes Will be awarded i 1 hn rrn 1 tO Il4 unv I the state rotary pidnship at Muncie the latter pa ot peptemoer The toastrm sioin will be Princeton who his home WVlUUHJU given I by was I the lhojis2 '4 1 Ct Ha i MsgTry fc HEfE iWr Ml i ill t' Wk ill i Mr jl i 'JMiaBbi I "IK life il wht' aba8K 1 1 y' WMIr" A 9 I its i 1Bf lllllll I 'X" ft ft ft ft 1 a flraMta I vA a ft WB GK fCLi i lira i ft Hi 1: ff A I' i I vSiix gp I fewv ra U' 'Z if I.

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The Vincennes Sun-Commercial from Vincennes, Indiana (2024)


Who owns Vincennes Sun-commercial? ›

In 2000, the Gannett Company purchased Central Newspapers, and two years later, Gannett sold the Sun-Commercial to Paxton Media Group of Paducah, Kentucky, the firm that owns the newspaper today. For years, the Sun-Commercial was published on Busseron Street. There, the newspaper was printed using lead type.

What's the newspaper Vincennes, Indiana? ›

Newspaper The Vincennes Sun-Commercial (Vincennes, Ind.)

What is the history of Vincennes Indiana? ›

Founded in 1732 in a part of the Midwest that belonged to France, Vincennes is Indiana's oldest city. Over time, ownership of this town and area changed hands from France to Great Britain, and ultimately America following the Revolutionary War of 1776.

What is the main newspaper in Indianapolis? ›

IndyStar: Indianapolis Star, Indiana news, breaking news and sports. Holiday World opens for the season this weekend. Here's what to know. Take a look at Holiday World's new ride, Good Gravy!

Does Gary Indiana have a newspaper? ›

The Post-Tribune (Gary, Ind.)

What is the name of the newspaper in Marion Indiana? ›

The Chronicle-Tribune is a morning newspaper for Marion, Indiana and surrounding areas.

Has there been any murders in Vincennes Indiana? ›

Police: Suspect confessed to Vincennes stabbing murder, victim ID'd. VINCENNES, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Update: Vincennes Police have identified the deceased in last weekend's murder investigation. According to police, the deceased was 30-year-old Sterline Antoine Joseph, of Vincennes.

What is the oldest house in Vincennes Indiana? ›

The Old French House is an excellent example of French Creole architecture. Home of Michael Brouillet, built in 1809, and furnished much as it would have been in that period. The Old French House is operated by the Vincennes State Historic Sites.

Is Vincennes Indiana a good place to live? ›

Living in Vincennes offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. Residents of Vincennes tend to be conservative. The public schools in Vincennes are above average.

What is the name of the Bloomington Indiana newspaper? ›

The Herald-Times is a daily newspaper serving Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas.

What is the name of the newspaper in Anderson Indiana? ›

The Anderson Herald (Anderson, Ind.)

What is the newspaper in Bedford Indiana? ›

Times-Mail | Local News, Politics & Sports in Bedford, IN.

Does Brownsburg Indiana have a newspaper? ›

Brownsburg Sentinel | Brownsburg Sentinel – News Commentary Publication on the town of Brownsburg, Indiana.


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