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Bandit55 said:

Hey guys. This thread is just going to tell you the layout and locations of the new Crystal Hollows, so you can be prepared when they release.

Firstly, the Crystal Hollows is about 624x624 in terms of area, and has a height of about 150, so it is massive. You spawn at a random point in a randomly generated map. Basically, caves and structures and pre-built and not generated by a computer like Vanilla caves, but the layout of the map is randomly generated and placed (just like Dungeons). Structures (small or massive) are placed at random points so they are usually next to or they overlap caves.

7 gems (ruby, amethyst, amber, jade, sapphire, topaz, and jasper) spawn here. Some are exclusive to certain regions. But, ruby can be found literally everywhere, and jasper spawns in the rare Fairy biome.

The Crystal Hollows is made up of an upper section and a lower section. The upper section is split up into 4 different quadrants and has a center hub in the middle of everything. Each quadrant has its own sort of massive mini-region inside of it that offers many amazing things. The mini-regions are usually at the top of the quadrant, usually y = 120-200 or so, and their location is random. (best way to find them is to explore or strip mine at like y = 100-140.) There is also a very rare section known as the Fairy Grotto which has many important things and is very small.
The lower section is known as the "Magma Fields" and reaches across the whole map, but there is also a Magma boss room there as well. The map below represents the upper section.

View attachment 2642604

Quadrant 1


View attachment 2642434

Coordinates (X,Z): (201, 201) to (512, 512)

Jungle and overgrown themed biome. This quadrant houses many slimy and sharp dangers. The Jungle is where you can find the Amethyst gem.

Jungle Temple:

View attachment 2642425

This area is the special zone inside of the Jungle. The Amethyst Crystal can be found here. To get the crystal, you must first obtain a Jungle Key (which drop from the Key Guardian or you can buy off AH). Then you go to the temple entrance (one of the sides), unlock the door, and complete the parkour run inside (but be very careful, cause if you die, you go back to the start and need a new key.) Completing the temple run will give you the Amethyst Crystal.

Quadrant 2

Goblin Holdout:

View attachment 2642533

Coordinates (X, Z):

(201, 512) to (512, 824)

A very nice relaxing spot to kill a bunch of goblins. This quadrant is where one can find the Amber gem.

Goblin Queens Den:

View attachment 2642390

This area is the special zone inside of the Goblin Burrows. The Amber Crystal can also be found here. To get the crystal, you must find the Goblin King (who is in a structure that generates somewhere else random in the Goblin Holdout), and you must bring him 3 goblin eggs. He will give you a King's Stench. Now, you need to go to the Queens Den and drink the King's Stench and you will have access to enter her castle. The Amber Crystal will be waiting for you inside.

Quadrant 3

Mithril Deposits:

View attachment 2642464

Coordinates (X,Z):

(512, 201) to (824, 512)

This quadrant is the best place to mine ores, as it has a stockpile everywhere. This quadrant houses the Jade gem.

Mines of Divan:

View attachment 2642470

This area is the special area inside of the Mithril Deposits, and it holds a ton of treasure and gives you a metal detector. The Jade Crystal can be found here. To obtain the crystal, you must talk to one of the 4 keepers (they are all on the 'X' shaped bridge close to the bottom and they are all on each end of the X). Then, you use the metal detector and go into the treasure below. It will start beeping and show a "distance away" from treasure. Now you hold the metal detector and go find various treasures in the gold pile. The treasures are random, but you will have a high chance to get one of the 4 Scavenged tools. Once you have all 4, give each to their respective NPC (which are the 4 keepers) and the Jade Crystal will be waiting for you.

Quadrant 4

Precursor Remnants

View attachment 2642530

Coordinates (X,Z):

(512, 512) to (824, 824)

This quadrant contains a lot of ruins and gray caves. This area houses the Sapphire gem too.

Lost Precursor City:

View attachment 2642532

This area is the special zone inside the Precursor Ruins and it's a massive worn-down city. Pretty Nice. The Sapphire Crystal can be found here too. To obtain it, you must complete the Robot Professor's quest (he is found near the big robot here). You must bring him 6 different robot components. Each of the components has a base of 2% chance (can be increased with Magic Find) to drop from Automations. They are everywhere inside this city, so you'll have to farm them for a bit to get all 6. Once you get them all, bring all 6 to the Robot Professor and the robot's gates will open and the Sapphire Crystal will be right there.


Crystal Nucleus:

View attachment 2642538

Coordinates (X, Z):

Center of Map, so about (450,450) to (560, 560)

This is the hub and main place in the Crystal Hollows. There are 8 caves that connect to it. 4 from the Magma Fields, and 1 from each quadrant. The recommended way to get in here is to go underneath the center through the Magma Fields and try to get to one of the caves that connect to it (they are in each corner.) This region has 5 diff crystals that you need to place down on the stone titans to unlock some rewards. Each crystal can be found in one of the special zones (boss area, jungle temple, mines of divan, lost city, and queens den.)

Other Mini-Areas

Fairy Grotto:

View attachment 2645191
View attachment 2645210

The Fairy Grotto contains some ruins, vegetation, and loot chests. The Fairy Grotto is easily the most rare biome to find, because it is very small and it can spawn anywhere in the upper layer. This area holds the Butterfly mob as well as the Jasper gemstone.

Lower Section

Magma Fields:

View attachment 2642545


(201, 201) to (824, 824)

The Magma Fields are below everything above and are usually from about y = 0 to 60. They are very hot, so a new concept, known as heat, was added to the game. The longer you are in this zone, the more heat you add up. Once you reach 100 heat, you take increased damage and need to get out. But, some armor sets (like the ones in Hardstone collection) fix this issue. Magma cubes also spawn here. This section is also where you can find the gem, Topaz.


View attachment 2643593

This is the special zone inside the magma fields, and it holds a magma boss, Bal. Its location might be anywhere in the 1024x1024 area. However, it seems to be a bit higher than the rest of the magma fields at y = 50-80. After doing some damage to Bal, he drops a very useful pet that gives heat immunity and you will need it to finish him. After damaging him a bit more, he will shrink and you will be given the Topaz Crystal. The best way to kill him is with high damage until you get his pet (use that when you get it; it gives heat immunity). Also, make sure to kill all the creatures that he spawns.


Jungle Village (Odawa):

View attachment 2645059

View attachment 2645061

Odawa's shop is in the Jungle Village, which seems to be located in the Jungle. I found the village in the Goblin Holdout, but this could have just been a bug. Anyways, Odawa sells very useful things, like the Jungle Key, Jungle Amulet, Tribal Spear, and Jungle Pickaxe.

Extra Screenshots

These photos are just random photos that I took while inside the Hollows (some are easter eggs and cool references.)

View attachment 2643371
View attachment 2643373
View attachment 2643374
View attachment 2643380View attachment 2643381
View attachment 2643382
View attachment 2643607
View attachment 2643703
View attachment 2645054
View attachment 2645055
View attachment 2645057

This post took way too long to make, so please react to support me, and comment so others can see this too.

This already hurts my brain

Guide - [GUIDE] Crystal Hollows Locations + Layout (Completed!) (2024)


How to find structures in crystal hollows? ›

Within the ⏣ Crystal Hollows, special structures spawn in random locations. The structures do not keep their coordinates between lobbies. The place with one of the 2 chests in Goblin Queen's Den. The ⏣ Jungle Temple generated in the ⏣ Jungle.

How do you permanently unlock crystal hollows? ›

In order to access the Crystal Hollows, the player must obtain a Crystal Hollows Pass. It can be bought for 10,000 coins from Gwendolyn in the ⏣ Dwarven Mines, or obtained as a reward from completing their offer in ⏣ The Garden.

How to find the king in Crystal Hollows? ›

King Yolkar is an NPC found within the Goblin Holdout area of the Crystal Hollows. Completing his quest shall allow the player to collect the Amber Crystal.

How do I go to the Crystal Hollows? ›

Once the player levels up their Heart of the Mountain to tier 3, they can talk to Gwendolyn to purchase a Crystal Hollows pass to begin their journey into the Crystal Hollows.

How many hits does bal take? ›

Stats200 Hits 100 Damage
Skill XP1,000 Combat XP
1 more row

How do you find certain structures in Minecraft? ›

Minecraft locate structures command

Once you have it turned on, go into the command line by pressing “t” on your keyboard. From there, type in “/locate” followed by the type of thing you are looking for, which can be the following: /locate structure. /locate biome.

Do ores Respawn in Crystal Hollows? ›

Sulphur always turn into air. In most areas ores will then respawn in random locations, but in the ⏣ Dwarven Mines and ⏣ Crystal Hollows they have fixed spawning places. In ⏣ Glacite Mineshafts ores don't respawn at all.

How do you get goblin eggs in Crystal Hollows? ›

Goblin Eggs have a rare chance to drop from various Goblin-type Mobs across the Dwarven Mines and Crystal Hollows. They can also be obtained from Treasure Chests in the Goblin Holdout section of the Crystal Hollows.

How do you unlock crystal hollows fast travel? ›

The Crystal Hollows - Entrance Fast Travel is now automatically unlocked when first visiting the ⏣ Crystal Hollows.

How to get goblin queen crystal? ›

The Amber Crystal is obtained from the ⏣ Goblin Queen's Den in the ⏣ Goblin Holdout. Goblin Eggs of the same color. After obtaining the King's Scent effect, the Queen's Den can be entered to obtain the Crystal. This effect lasts for 20 minutes, but it can be used multiple times to get the Crystal.

Where is the Queen Crystal Hollows? ›

The Goblin Queen's Den is an area within the Goblin Holdout section of the Crystal Hollows.

What does Xalx do? ›

Xalx is an NPC found within the Goblin Holdout section of the Crystal Hollows. Speaking with Xalx will give the player Mysterious Meat, which temporarily grants the player Nausea II and Poison II effects when consumed.

Where is Gwendolyn Hypixel? ›

Gwendolyn is an NPC found in the Dwarven Mines who lets the player access the Crystal Hollows for 6 hours for 10,000 coins if they have reached Heart of the Mountain III .

How to get bejeweled handle in Hypixel Skyblock? ›

Bejeweled Handles can now be obtained from Frozen Corpses and are requires to forge Keys. Bejeweled Handles now take 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes to forge.

How do you find the crystalline structure? ›

The size of the unit cell and the arrangement of atoms in a crystal may be determined from measurements of the diffraction of X-rays by the crystal, termed X-ray crystallography.

How are crystal structures determined? ›

Determination of crystal structures. Crystal structures are determined by scattering experiments using a portion of the crystal as the target. A beam of particles is sent toward the target, and upon impact some of the particles scatter from the crystal and ricochet in various directions.

How often does Corleone spawn? ›

Boss Corleone

Such rare structures can sometimes merge with other areas, such as the ⏣ Precursor Remnants, if they are built on the edge of the Deposits. Corleone seemingly spawns every 60 or 120 seconds alternately in these structures.

How do crystal hollows work? ›

The Crystal Hollows is a randomly-generated Mining area. It is the primary source of Gemstones. The Crystal Hollows is a mining area from 202, 31, 202 to 823, 188, 823, enclosing an area of 621 x 157 x 621. Bedrock walls enclose the mineable area.


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