Digital SAT® Practice Tests - Test Ninjas (2024)

Practice with material identical to the real SAT exam on a platform identical to the College Board Bluebook™ app.

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Digital SAT® Practice Tests - Test Ninjas (1)

Just like the real SAT®

The most effective way to practice for the digital SAT is to use our online platform that mimics the real exam. We offer:

  • Same user interface features as the real SAT exam

  • Over 10,000 practice questions

  • Answer keys with detailed explanations

  • Modules with same question type distributions as the real test

  • Fully-adaptive practice tests

Quality Practice Materials

We write all practice materials in-house to be as similar to the real test as possible.

Reading and Writing

  • Large number of difficult questions

  • Poem and old English questions

  • Graph and table questions


  • Student-produced response questions

  • Graph, table and diagram-based questions

  • Difficult algebra and advanced math questions

Digital SAT® Practice Tests - Test Ninjas (2)

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Download Practice Question PDFs

Want to practice offline? Download our test question PDFs to study the traditional way. Don't worry - all our PDF content conforms to the new digital SAT format! And if you're looking for more practice materials, check out our premium offerings.

Full Practice Modules

Reading and Writing Module

32 minutes | 27 questions

Full-length reading and writing module with difficult questions, designed to mimic the real exam.


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Math Module

35 minutes | 22 questions

Full-length math module with the same distribution of question types as the real exam.


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Reading and Writing Questions

Word In Context

These tricky questions not only require an advanced vocabulary but also significant reading-comprehension skills.


Answer Key

Rhetorical Synthesis

These questions involve extracting the correct information from a given list to accomplish a goal.


Answer Key

Command of Evidence

These questions test your ability to make arguments using evidence from provided passages.


Answer Key


These question ask you to logically infer arguments based on evidence from a given passage.


Answer Key

Central Ideas and Details

These questions require you to identify the main idea and key supporting details from a text passage.


Answer Key

Are You a Teacher or Tutor?

We've got you covered too! Our white-label practice platform is fully customizable to meet your teaching needs.

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Digital SAT® FAQs

What is new in the digital SAT exam?

The Digital SAT format has changed significantly from the old pen and paper SAT exam. Check out our comprehensive Digital SAT format guide to learn more about the structure of the new exam.

Will the Digital SAT be easier or harder than the old SAT?

It's hard to say for sure if the Digital SAT will be easier or harder than the paper-based test. The format will be different, but the College Board claims the content and difficulty level will remain the same.

Does the Digital SAT have an essay?

No, the optional SAT essay has been discontinued, so there will not be an essay section on the Digital SAT.

How is Digital SAT exam administered??

Students will take the SAT on a laptop or tablet, using a custom-built digital exam application that you will download in advance of the test day. The exam will take place in select locations around the country, usually on a Saturday morning.

Who can take the Digital SAT?

The Digital SAT is open to any student wanting to take the SAT, which is used for college admissions and scholarship applications. There is no age restrition on applicants.

Where do I take the Digital SAT?

The Digital SAT will be administered at approved test centers, just like the paper-based SAT currently is. Check the College Board website for the closest test center to you.

How long has the Digital SAT been around?

The Digital SAT started in spring 2023 in international test centers, and it was first offered in the U.S. beginning in March 2024. It's also the only exam format going forward for both American and international students.

When should I take the Digital SAT?

Grade 10 students can start taking digital PSAT 10 in the fall semseter. We typically recommend students take their first SAT exam in their junior year.

Where do I practice for the Digital SAT?

You can practice for the Digital SAT using the official Bluebook application, Khan Academy's free online practice program, and of course Test Ninjas.

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More Free Resources

We have tons more free resources! Check out the following pages:

  • Study tools - including our acclaimed flashcards and mental math tools!

  • Study plans, vocabulary lists and study guides

  • Questions of the day - free practice questions that change every single day.

  • English literature books - very useful for students who struggle with difficult poetry questions on the Reading and Writing section.

Digital SAT® Practice Tests - Test Ninjas (2024)


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